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bullet SuburbanBoy
21 Jun : 21:58
Sounds like Kinect might be getting ditched as a mandatory add on now, (along with all the draconian DRM restrictions that have been removed) so hopefully the price will tumble down to under the cost of the PS4, if that's the case.
bullet SuburbanBoy
11 Jun : 05:10
No DRM or Big Brother type camera spying on your every move either.
Drive Club free for PS+ subscribers at launch. Technically own my first PS4 game schweeeet.
bullet SuburbanBoy
11 Jun : 05:06
or £349 for the PS4. Twice as powerful as the Xbone. Easy decision.
bullet SuburbanBoy
11 Jun : 03:51
hahahahaha £429 for the Xbox One. Uhh, I don't think so. Should be half that at most given the weak specs.
bullet SuburbanBoy
10 Jun : 13:43
what in the actual hell lol.. Click Here
bullet Game Over Drunk
20 Apr : 14:34
Dunno where when or If you'll read this but happy birthday you ugly long haired bastard.
bullet Game Over Drunk
27 Nov : 19:45
Click Here
bullet SuburbanBoy
29 Oct : 17:11
Assassins Creed reviews ought to be interesting. If it doesn't get destroyed Resident Evil 6 style, some serious moneyhatting going on lol
bullet Game Over Drunk
28 Sep : 16:13
Click Here
bullet Game Over Drunk
27 Sep : 00:53
It still seems to have the survival game mode! But yeah it looks awesome!


Which game out this fall are you most looking forward to?

Gears Of War 3

Uncharted 3

Twisted Metal

Resistance 3

Forza 4

Batman: Arkham City

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Battlefield 3

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Posted by SuburbanBoy
Votes: 128
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E3 Footage
Thought i would share some footage from e3 just incase anybody missed it

Posted by Phill on Tuesday 05 June 2012 - 22:32:00 | Add/Read Comments: 0
Assassins Creed 3 first gameplay trailer

Posted by SuburbanBoy on Friday 11 May 2012 - 15:50:33 | Add/Read Comments: 0
Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Various gameplay footage
Max Payne 3 Trailer
This game looks fucking amazing

Posted by Phill on Wednesday 18 January 2012 - 22:52:25 | Add/Read Comments: 0

Posted by Game Over Drunk on Saturday 26 November 2011 - 00:33:13 | Add/Read Comments: 0
Max Payne 3 Trailer
Sooo happy max is back :)

Posted by Phill on Wednesday 14 September 2011 - 21:33:27 | Add/Read Comments: 0
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